Personal Archeology:



Image Source
Participants were invited to lend an object that at one time belonged to a loved one who died.   A small print was given as a thank you gift.

Medium Choice
X-rays reveal the hidden: bombs, tumors, contraband, internal structure and materials composition.   The objects were imaged using film based X-ray.  The results of examination of these reminders of those who have passed are presented in this exhibition.  The film was scanned, edited and printed electronically. 

Direct to canvas printing, with a wrapped frame presentation was chosen to minimize distance between the observer and the works. 


The recent death of my Father was the genesis of this visual query.  I began by X-ray imaging objects from his estate that were central to his existence with which I could not part.  By rendering in flattened three dimensional transparency the internal and external structure of these objects their image became infused with a spectral quality that lends itself to the both highly personal and yet universal topics it is my hope that this work addresses.  If you would like to participate in this ongoing project you are welcomed to do so.  Please get in touch with me.

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